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At 209 Design architectural firm, our process can begin as early as the thought of purchasing land to put a house or building on or buying a house that needs renovation or addition to meet your needs.

This is a generalized outline of our process from start to finish some of these stages may overlap and or delay other steps.

Diamond Farm 1 - 3D View - Ext 1976 from pool.jpg


Initial consult this may include phone and/or email to get a sense of the project and give a sense of cost and timelines. 


In-depth meeting about design and construction, this is where we would measure the site if required.


A zoning and conservation check.

All while collecting all pertinent documents (surveys, septic plans, inspiration images, previous build drawings)



Produce concept drawings in 2d & 3d. We revise until you the client are happy. This is also the point at which you may want to get an estimate of the price from contractors (before we get into final construction drawings).


Get final approval to proceed into construction drawings.


Create a site plan. This is an important step in the permit stage. Several sub-tasks stem from the site plan.

  • Grading plans by engineers, septic plans, conservation authorities plans, minor variances, arbourist reports, zoning reports etc. This list will vary for each project.


Submit or request review by department or authority as per the list above.

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Cabana 7.jpg


Create a Construction drawing package

  • Subtasks : Engineering, HVAC & EEDS, Truss & TJI engineering.

  • Client to request review of build drawings and accurate quoting by contractors

  • Note additional charges may occur if changes occur during or after the construction drawing phase.


Submit Drawings to the City/Township for permit:

  • Either Online (majority) or In-person applications.

  • Navigate the permit process with all departments, adjusting drawings if required.


Communication with clients and contractors in both directions. Informing of any changes, time delays, plan errors, any required Township/City plan changes, zoning; conservation; or minor variance requirements.


Obtain permits and begin build.


Encourage communication and insist that any errors, complications and/or structural changes made to the plans be communicated so that we can assist in correction and solutions.


Site Visits if we are available.


Follow up, and photos of final build.

Cabana 3.jpg

We welcome meetings between us, contractors, and/or clients to review plans, construction, and complications. Meetings and discussions allow for the opportunity to iron out any build or design details, misinterpretations, errors, and/or future complications.


We want to provide a superior product and service, where you know we are always here to provide knowledge, and assistance and create a beautiful and functional design. 

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